A thrilling documentary film

to celebrate the famous

rock band's thirtieth anniversary

a film by Gert-Peter BRUCH

Writer, photographer and musician, Gert-Peter Bruch is following in the footsteps of the rock band that was at the source of his own vocation: The Police.

Stewart Copeland, drummer and founder of the band, is the main guide of this journey trhough time and space, which starts in Paris, the city where Sting wrote 'Roxanne', back in 1977. That classic song would change the destiny of a then unsuccessfull punk trio for ever.  From Munich to Los-Angeles, we  also meet Sting,  Andy Summers, as well as many other main contributors, like the former guitarist Henry Padovani..

Directed in the original form of an investigation, 'The Police, Set Them 3' unveils the secret files of three super cops who once ruled the rock world. The film also tries to answer a few recurent questions :

- Whatever made it possible that, at the end of the Seventies and in only five albums, the son of a CIA agent based in the Middle-East who happened to be a Hendrix fan, a teacher from the North of England passionate about jazz and a studio guitarist from Blackpool, well into his thirties, went from barely existing as a false punk group to becoming the biggest "new-wave" trio of the planet?

- How and why will they be driven apart as early as 1984, at the peak of their glory?

- How has the band resisted so well to time erosion and why have the Police never reunited since their glory days?

This is the true story of The Police, yesterday, today... and for ever.




Artwork by Jerome Collet & Gert-Peter Bruch - Photo by Lawrence Impey